Monday, October 24, 2005


the symbol of this blog will be a capital h inside a circle. why is this incorrect?

in mathematics it is often common to use a lower case letter as the element of a set, and the set by the capital leter. example: x is an element of the set X.

the same holds true for a space (such as a vector space... i can't fully explain it). a parameter is denoted in statistics by the greek leter theta, with lower case thetas representing the particular parameters, and a capital theta to represent the space from which all the parameters come. and so the symbol for parameterspace should be a capital theta. however, when i first saw it written on the board in class, it looked to me like a circle with a capial h inside it.

this will be the symbol. i think that such a mistake is central, both to the content of this blog, and to my understanding of myself and the world. it is a first judgement, slightly incorect, but reasonably made at the time. isn't this the nature of any judgement?